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Since 1992, Lift Atout offers its customers the option of leasing or financing material handling equipment, for short or long term needs. We have a very wide range of equipment for all your needs. The rental period is flexible to allow your company  to rent a forklift only for the period of your choice . It is possible to rent equipment on a daily, weekly , monthly or yearly basis.    


All our equipments are inspected before delivered and our prices are very competitive. This allows you to deal with unforeseen events in a very short time , whether its for a busy period, during the repair of your equipment or just for a special project. We can deliver the needed material handling equipment on the same day.

 Equipement types 

  • Electric pallet truck  ("Jigger")

  • Manual pallet truck  ("Jigger")

  • Narrow aisle truck ("Reach")

  • Electric forklift

  • Propane forklift with cushion tires

  • Pneumatic forklift

  • Diesel forklift

  • Forks set

  • Skyjack

  • Forks extension

  • Paper clamp

  • Carton clamp

 Lease financing 

Lease financing is a new easy way to buy equipment.  It consists of a lease for a fixed period, usually between 2 and 5 years, followed by a purchase option.

 Lease financing avantages

(Long term)

  • Keeping your capital

  • Easy way to buy

  • Securing your cash flow

  • Easy budget planning

  • 100% financing

  • Protection against equipment obsolescence

  • Flexibility in payment terms and conditions

  • Auto financing

  • Simple invocing

  • Tax benefit

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